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Houston Digestive Diseases Consultants can provide a multitude of care options for our patients, including providing a colonoscopy for Houston, TX, residents like you. If you're interested in this care method, it is important to read below to learn what to expect from our procedure.

What is This Treatment?

This diagnostic method uses a camera on a long tube (the scope) to carefully check your intestines for a variety of issues, such as swelling, irritation, and other imperfections. The physicians carefully feed the tube into your body slowly to spot any potential concerns that may affect your digestion.

This tube is lubricated and inserted into your rectum slowly to minimize pain. Most people tolerate this process fairly well and only experience minor discomfort or temporary bleeding after it is over. Any side effects are usually gone in a few days after treatment.

What It Can Catch

A colonoscopy is designed to provide many different diagnostic benefits and spot a variety of different problems that may affect your digestive health. It can:

  • Investigate your intestine for signs of rectal bleeding and diagnose reasons for chronic diarrhea
  • Spot colon cancer risks and help you understand the danger of this health problem
  • Identify polyps that may be growing throughout your colon and intestines
  • Installing stents or other treatment items in your colon to improve your health

Our team at Houston Digestive Diseases Consultants can help you better understand this treatment and will walk you through it to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible with it.

Preparing for and Getting This Procedure

Prepare for your procedure by following a careful diet of clear liquids, including water, tea, and coffee with no additives. You may also take a laxative and quit your medication for a week before the exam. This process helps to clear your colon and make its inspection easier without causing any obstructions for the camera.

During the procedure, you are often given sedatives or anesthesia to numb your pain and minimize your discomfort. A scope is then carefully fed into your colon so that the doctors can examine its interior and spot any issues and diagnose health problems more effectively, ensuring that you spot serious problems and get them treated right away.

Take Better Care of Your Health

At Houston Digestive Diseases Consultants, our many professionals can provide the colonoscopy in Houston, TX, that you need to diagnose a broad range of different health issues. Our team of professionals is comfortable working with just about anybody and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are satisfied. Call the Memorial Hermann Southwest location by calling (713) 777-2555, Smith Tower at (713) 796-8627, or the Memorial Hermann Greater Heights location by calling (713) 880-8707.

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