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What Does It Mean To Have Colon Polyps?

Houston Digestive Diseases Consultants can help handle various conditions to improve your overall health and minimize complications. For example, they can help with colon polyps in Houston, TX, and work Read More

Signs And Symptoms Of Acid Reflux

How your gastroenterologists in Houston, TX, can help you feel better Heartburn is a common issue, especially if you like spicy food, but frequent heartburn could be something else. You could Read More

Treating Your Acid Reflux

Do you often experience heartburn, belching, or nausea? Acid reflux may be to blame for your symptoms. Fortunately, your Houston, TX, gastroenterologists at Houston Digestive Disease Consultants offer treatments that Read More

The Importance of a Colonoscopy

The doctors at Houston Digestive Diseases Consultants in Houston, TX, perform colonoscopies for patients concerned about colon cancer. Colonoscopies can save lives by identifying signs of cancer before you even Read More

Treating Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is when the digestive acids that sit in the stomach manage to leak through the sphincter at the top of the stomach, back into the esophagus. When this Read More

Finding the Right Diet for Celiac Disease

You've been diagnosed with celiac disease - now what? You're understandably concerned about your diet and how you can prevent your immune system from responding to the presence of wheat, Read More

How We Treat Colon Polyps

Find out whether colon polyps need to be removed and what to expect from the procedure. If you have colon polyps the good news is that they can easily be Read More

When You Should See a Gastroenterologist About Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is something we will all go through at some point. Luckily, stomach pain is usually caused by something minor like a food intolerance or an infection that goes Read More

The Importance of a Colonoscopy

Have you been wondering if you need a colonoscopy? Your Houston gastroenterologists at Houston Digestive Diseases Consultants in TX can help you decide if you could benefit from this important Read More

Acid Reflux Symptoms: When to see a Gastroenterologist?

Our four gastroenterologists at Houston Digestive Diseases Consultants in Houston, TX? Our four gastroenterologists see many patients with intense heartburn. Learn more about what your symptoms may mean here. What is Read More

Understanding Upper Endoscopy

Upper endoscopy gives the gastroenterologists here at Houston Digestive Disease Consultants in Houston, TX, an up-close view of the upper part of your digestive tract. The minimally invasive procedure helps Read More

The Basics on Hemorrhoids

How your gastroenterologists in Houston, TX, can help with hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids can be both uncomfortable, embarrassing, and be quite tough to talk about. Here at Houston Digestive Diseases Consultants, your GI Read More

Signs That You May Have Acid Reflux

Are spicy foods leaving you with a burning sensation in the back of your throat? It could be acid reflux. Most people will deal with acid reflux at some point Read More

FAQs about Colon Polyps

Colon polyps are very common. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, anywhere from 15% to 40% of American adults may develop them. Polyps are Read More

Why Might I Need a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a simple procedure that allows our Houston gastroenterologist Dr. Krishnamurthy Shivshanker to look at and examine the lining of the colon and rectum to diagnose issues, detect Read More

What are Colon Ployps?

People sometimes joke that colon polyps are the skin tags of the digestive tract, but, in reality, these seemingly benign growths could pose a real danger to your health: colorectal Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 48 posts


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